E. Independent TSPs, Including Those in the Multi-Regional Data Processing Servicers Program

Responsibility for the examination of independent TSPs is based on the class of insured financial institution being serviced. If more than one class of insured institution is serviced, the examination is conducted jointly, and on a rotated basis, as agreed to among the federal financial institution regulators responsible for the classes of serviced institutions.

Examination of companies in the Multi-Regional Data Processing Servicers (MDPS) program is administered by the Agencies. The Agencies determine which TSPs are subject to examination under the MDPS program. Generally, Agency-In-Charge (AIC) responsibilities for an MDPS company are rotated among the Agencies responsible for the class of serviced, insured financial institutions after two consecutive examination cycles, The examination cycle is based on the assigned Examination Priority Ranking derived through the RB-EPRP. Examination cycles are 24, 36, or 48 months. with exceptions subject to the Agencies' review and approval. As indicated in section C on page 3, if an independent MDPS company, through acquisition, becomes a financial holding company, a bank holding company, a thrift holding company, or a non-financial institution subsidiary or affiliate thereof, the Agency supervising the holding company serves as the AIC unless such Agency chooses to rotate the responsibilities.

Examinations of independent TSPs that are not part of the MDPS program are administered by the Agencies' regional/district management under the guidelines in this booklet.


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