ROE Distribution

The ROE is generally distributed to three primary groups: the Agencies, the supervised TSP, and the serviced financial institutions.The Agencies also provide CFPB with access to service provider examination reports in accordance with the provisions of section 1022(c)(6)(B)(i) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. See 12 USC 5512(c)(6)(B)(i)

All ROEs of a TSP, including those of stand-alone, subsidiary data centers, are directed to the board of directors, a committee thereof, or senior management of the TSP. The ROE is accompanied by a letter to the board, which includes the assigned URSIT and a reminder to recipients of the confidential nature of the letter and ROE.

The Agencies distribute to serviced financial institutions, either automatically or upon request, the Open section of a TSP ROE. Reports are automatically distributed when the TSP receives a composite URSIT rating of 4 or 5. A serviced financial institution can request a copy of the ROE from the institution's primary regulator and must demonstrate that it had a valid and current contract with the TSP as of the date of the examination.

The ROE is the joint property of the Agencies and is provided to the TSP and its client regulated financial institutions for their internal, confidential use. Under no circumstances shall any recipient of the ROE disclose or make public the ROE or any portion thereof. Unauthorized disclosure of any of the contents of the ROE is subject to the penalties in 18 USC 641.


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