Frequency of Examinations

All TSPs that the Agencies supervise receive an examination sufficient in scope to assign or update the URSIT during each examination cycle. The number and frequency of supervisory activities conducted during the examination cycle varies depending on the risk profile of the TSP as established by the RB-EPRP and the URSIT. TSPs with a higher risk ranking are subject to more frequent and extensive examinations. The examination cycles, based on the assigned URSIT and Examination Priority Ranking (EPR), are as follows:
  • "A" ranking: 24-month examination cycle
  • "B" ranking: 36-month examination cycle
  • "C" ranking: 48-month examination cycle

As part of the supervision of a TSP, examiners can conduct interim supervisory reviews or unscheduled site or service examinations for areas of evolving supervisory interest or concern. The number and frequency of interim supervisory reviews conducted during an examination cycle are based on the level of risk identified by the CPC team. All examined TSPs must receive at least one interim supervisory review during each examination cycle.

Examinations are conducted jointly according to schedules agreed upon by the participating Agencies. When joint examinations cannot be scheduled, one or more Agencies may be designated to perform the examination on behalf of all interested Agencies. If, however, the TSP's overall condition is determined to be less than satisfactory, the Agencies make a special effort to ensure subsequent examinations are conducted on a joint basis until the TSP's overall condition is satisfactory.


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