Component Ratings Definitions

Each performance or component rating also ranges from 1 through 5, with 1 representing the highest and 5 the lowest rating. Each functional area of activity (audit, management, development and acquisition, and support and delivery) must be evaluated to determine its individual performance rating.

Each performance or component rating is described as follows:

Component 1-Strong performance: Performance that is significantly higher than average.

Component 2- Satisfactory performance: Performance that is average or slightly above and that provides adequately for the safe and sound operation of the data center.

Component 3-Less than satisfactory: Performance that exhibits some degree of supervisory concern due to a combination of weaknesses that may range from moderate to severe.

Component 4-Deficient: Performance that is in an unsafe and unsound environment that may impair the future viability of the entity.

Component 5-Critically deficient: Performance that is critically deficient and in need of immediate remedial attention. The financial condition of the service provider is poor and failure is highly probable due to poor operating performance or financial instability.


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