Risk Identification

Action Summary

Management should have a thorough understanding of the institution's IT operations environment and should maintain appropriate supporting documentation. Documentation should be commensurate with the complexity of technology operations. Environmental surveys and asset inventories allow management to document data flow maps, system interfaces and dependencies, business technology processes, and hardware and software inventories. Management's ongoing environmental survey of technology operations is fundamental to enterprise risk identification, assessment, management, and monitoring.

Key elements include developing and maintaining:

  • An inventory of all computing hardware;
  • An inventory of all computing software (operating systems, applications, and back office and environmental applications);
  • Network topologies or other diagrams that detail the internal and external connectivity of voice and data communication networks;
  • Data flow and business process diagrams that depict operational interdependencies; and
  • A comprehensive, holistic view of how technology operations support the strategic business goals of the institution.


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