II.D.1     Metrics

A mature and effective information security program uses metrics to improve the program's effectiveness and efficiency. Management should develop metrics that demonstrate the extent to which the security program is implemented and whether the program is effective. Metrics are used to measure security policy implementation, conformance with the information security program, the adequacy of security services delivery, and the impact of security events on business processes. The measurement of security characteristics can allow management to increase control and drive improvements to the security process. Metrics generally are formed to measure conformance to the standards and procedures that are used to implement policies.

Management should utilize metrics to quantify and report risks of the information security program. Metrics should be gathered from external sources and internal data. The scope of metrics should be comprehensive and commensurate with the complexity of the institution's operations. Reports should incorporate metrics tailored for different audiences and stakeholders. These metrics and other monitoring reports of the information security program should feed into ITRM reporting.


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