II.C.7(b)     User Access Program

Management should develop a user access program to implement and administer physical and logical access controls to safeguard the institution's information assets and technology. This program should include the following elements:

  • Principle of least privilege, which recommends minimum user profile privileges for both physical and logical access based on job necessity.
  • Alignment of employee job descriptions to the user access program.
  • Requirements for business and application owners to define user profiles.
  • Ongoing reviews by business line and application owners to verify appropriate access based on job roles with changes reported on a timely basis to security administration personnel.
  • Timely notification from human resources to security administrators to adjust user access based on job changes, including terminations.
  • Periodic independent reviews that ensure effective administration of user access, both physical and logical.

For more information, refer to the "Physical Security" and "Logical Security" sections of this booklet.


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