I.A     Security Culture

An institution's security culture contributes to the effectiveness of the information security program. The information security program is more effective when security processes are deeply embedded in the institution's culture.

The board and management should understand and support information security and provide appropriate resources for developing, implementing, and maintaining the information security program. The result of this understanding and support is a program in which management and employees are committed to integrating the program into the institution's lines of business, support functions, and third-party management program.

The introduction of new business initiatives (such as new service offerings or applications) can reveal the maturity of and degree to which information security is part of the institution's culture. An institution with a stronger security culture generally integrates information security into new initiatives from the outset and throughout the life cycles of services and applications. Another indicator of an effective culture is whether management and employees are held accountable for complying with the institution's information security program.


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