Government and Community

An institution should establish an on-going relationship with community and government officials and the news media to ensure the successful implementation of the BCP. Since financial institutions must often compete with the restoration of other critical components in the area, some institutions and emergency staff located in close geographic proximity have formed coalitions to discuss business continuity planning issues and to facilitate critical infrastructure planning efforts. Ideally, these relationships should be initially established during the planning or testing phases of business continuity planning so institution management understands the proper protocol required if a citywide or region-wide event affects the institution's operations. Financial institutions are encouraged to contact state and local authorities during the risk assessment process to inquire about specific risks or exposures for all their geographic locations and special requirements for accessing emergency zones. During the recovery phase, facilities access and the availability of power and telecommunications systems should be coordinated with various entities to ensure timely resumption of operations. Facilities access should be coordinated with the police and fire department, local and state government agencies, and, depending on the nature and extent of the disaster, possibly the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


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