VII.G.2     Limited-Scale Exercise

A limited-scale exercise is a simulation involving applicable resources (personnel and systems) to recover targeted business processes. The goal of a limited-scale exercise is to determine whether targeted systems can be recovered and whether personnel understand their responsibilities as defined in the plan. Features of a limited-scale exercise may include the following:

  • Implementing a plan appropriate to the scenario.
  • Verifying personnel knowledge and skills.
  • Validating management response and decision-making capability.
  • Executing on-the-scene coordination and decision-making roles.
  • Verifying whether participants can connect to alternate system(s).
  • Conducting activities at alternate locations or facilities.
  • Testing communication and remote access capability (e.g., switching to alternate equipment or telecommuting).

While limited-scope exercises are important, they often have limited participation (e.g., departmental personnel only) or scope and do not necessarily allow management to gauge interconnectivity and how systems and capacity would support daily activities and workloads.


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