IV.A.8     Change Management

Management should implement and align a consistent change management process throughout the entity, making sure to include BCM. As changes are made to production systems and business processes during the normal course of business, recovery systems and documentation at alternate locations should similarly be updated to reflect production and primary system changes.

The change management process should allow for expedient implementation of emergency changes during an event, such as changing an access control list to provide rapid access for troubleshooting and analysis. Change tickets and corresponding activity should be reviewed for appropriateness once the event has been resolved. Even during events, changes should still be properly authorized, monitored, and documented. Poorly administered emergency changes can result in further disruption. Additionally, the interrelated nature of systems can compound disruptions to previously unaffected systems. After an emergency event, systems documentation should be updated for any changes made. Change management elements are addressed in more detail in the IT Handbook’s “Development and Acquisition” and “Operations” booklets.


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