IV.A.7     Power

The financial industry is dependent on power to run its technology infrastructure and to supply basic necessities to personnel and customers. A long-term power outage can negatively impact an entity’s resilience. Management should implement measures to provide electricity in the event of a short-term power disruption. Furthermore, management should develop plans to provide electricity in the event of a long-term power disruption. As part of its short-term and long-term plans, management should consider the following:

  • Alternate energy sources (e.g., generators, multiple power grids).
  • Fuel requirements, both for fuel on-hand and contracts with suppliers for deliveries during events, and any potential impediments to obtaining fuel.
  • Load capacity of generators (e.g., length of time, useful life, level of power supplied).
  • Continued maintenance of generators.
  • Testing of generators.


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