III.A.1     Identification of Critical Business Functions

Completing the BIA generally involves gathering information regarding business functions, impacts from disruptions, and business interdependencies; analyzing this information; and establishing recovery objectives. Critical business functions,The term “function” can consist of one or more processes. including support activities (e.g., help desk, call center, human resources, and payroll), systems, and interrelationships may be analyzed in several ways. Work flows, interviews, organizational charts, network diagrams/topologies, data flow diagrams, succession plans, or delegations of authority for key personnel may help management identify business processes and hierarchies.

Management should inventory the entity’s critical assets (e.g., people, hardware, software, data, information, and cash) and infrastructure (e.g., network connectivity, communication lines, facilities, and utilities), including those provided by third-party service providers. Furthermore, management should consider supporting activities (e.g., technology support, payroll, contracting) and software (e.g., email, office productivity suites), geographic locations, and unique aspects (e.g., proprietary hardware and software, documentation, or other specialized supplies). Management should also inventory third-party service providers, including specific services they provide. The methodology used should be repeatable, allowing management to reevaluate information after significant changes.


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